Best Practices


Step 1: Harvest Whole Plant and Hang Dry

Harvest your plant whole from the field and move it too a relatively weather controlled environment (ex. indoor barn/drying room). Hang the whole plants for 1-3 days. The plant will lose almost half its moisture content in that time frame making it optimal for your iDry.

loaded trays just buds.jpg

Step 2: Trim Down to Just the Buds!

We only want the good stuff! We have found that optimal drying happens when air dried buds go trimmed to the flower right into the dryer at less than 75% moisture content by oven dry weight.


Step 3: Load and Press Play!

Load up your iDry, set your temperature/ timer or humidity preferences and start to Dry!

*Biomass for Extraction: 70-140F to 10%RH

*Flower for Smoking: 70F for to 20%RH

*Suggested based on drying air dried flower between less than 75%MC, bucked, trimmed trimmed

When drying material over 75%MC it is important to limit the quantity of product. Using two rows of tray vs three rows or sparsely filling trays (1/4 to 1/2lbs) may be necessary.

Drying with material above 75%MC can result in slower drying times, wet spots and mold