Features Overview

Drying in a vacuum lowers the temperature at which water evaporates.  Vacuum also prevents mold growth and kills insects and other pathogens

Low Temperature Drying

Water out...Terpenes in! Water boils at 212F (100c) at standard atmospheric pressure, THC-A boils off at 220F. All other extracts in Cannabis evaporate at above 220F. Preserving terpenes while evaporating water is accomplished at 70-120F under a vacuum.

Easy Handling

Handle whole plants into our stackable screen bottom drying trays. Stack them for pallet jack or forklift loading into the iDRY chamber. Reduces handling and minimizes the risk of mold from the grow room or field to the dryer.


Did we mention that drying in a vacuum is SUPER fast! More importantly curing in a vacuum is fast. The negative pressure of the vacuum pulls moisture from the core of the bud to the surface, which prevents over drying of the outer shell and results in a fully a consistently dried bud.

There is no need to further “cure” or equalize the moisture after the drying process.

Remember the faster you get your flower to extraction or to the consumer the more terpenes exist. Time is the enemy of terps.

Cannabis Extract Boiling Points