iDry&Cure Standard


Max. Capacity: 360 Vented Trays 30”x16”x2”
External Dimension: 20ft L x 7ft W x 7ft T
Trays: 30in long x 16in wide x 2in deep, 140F max temperature, perforated bottom (high temp tray available)
Power requirement: 208-230V 1PH 60A
Energy Consumption:
Electrically Heated: 6 kw/h average
Hot water Heated: 3.75 kw/h average
Drying Time: Approximately 24hrs
Max. Initial Moisture Content by oven weight: 75%
Heating: Electric
Installation: Installed in above freezing and dry space, water connection, 208-230V 60A power. For best performance ambient temperature should be kept above 60F.
Loading: Ramp loaded using provided dollys
Water requirement: 0.75 GPM (recirculation optional)
Controls: Touch Screen
Total Weight of equipment: 8,000lbs
1 Year Limited Warranty

Price: $59,000 ($69,000 starting Jan 1 2020)


Low Temp Trays 1 full set: (360) Vented 30”x16”x2” Drying Trays (Drying/Curing only), (15) Dolleys, (15) Solid Tray Tops: $11,250

High Temp Trays 1 full set: (360) Vented 30”x16”x2” Drying Trays (Drying/Curing/Decarb), (15) Dolleys, (15) Solid Tray Tops: $14,250

FDA, USDA, NSF & CE Compliant

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  • 2 Year Extended Limited Warranty +$1,500

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