1. Does drying cannabis fast reduce potency? 

Good question.  Most would agree that minimizing the evaporation of terpenes and other cannabinoids is the key.  Drying at very low temperature and controlling the drying rate carefully maximizes terpenes.  That's what we do.

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2. Does drying in a vacuum kiln effect taste? 

Customers say no.

Some experts say it does, some say that over drying is more common when trying to dry fast, which causes more CO2 when burned.  CO2 tastes bad.

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3. How is the flower handled?

Thanks to our practical drying tray approach flower handling is reduced to a minimum. Many operations touch the plant 25 times throughout the harvest to cure. The iDRY process reduces handling to 2x!

4. Is there heat involved?

Yes. Vacuum + low heat = good dry, cure and taste

5. What is the volume of the dryer

Volume of trays differs with dryer capacity. Trays 30” L x 16” W x 2” T. If you can fit it you can dry it.

6. What is the drying and curing time

Dry and cure to a combustable moisture content of 8% in less than 24hrs. CBD Hemp can be as short as 12hrs.